Why Should You Opt For An Established Dental Practice?

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Are you stuck between buying an established practice for sale or starting your own? We can help you make a good decision. Below we reveal the top perks of opting for an established dental practice for sale over starting one.

The Top Benefits of Buying An Established Dental Practice

Purchasing an established dental practice has a few clear advantages – explained below:

  1. You can begin working with existing professional staff

At the point when you purchase an already established dental practice, you'll ordinarily get the staff along with it: the receptionists, hygienists, and dental assistants who help keep the practice running proficiently. Not only will they already understand what they're doing, but they will also be familiar with working with one another and know how to deal with circumstances that may emerge, giving you an edge.

  1. Improve your chances of making profits in the first year

The sooner you can make a profit, the better! Instead of beginning from zero, having a current patient base can significantly expand your monetary benefits in the first year.  The established dental practice also gives you existing billing and finance frameworks. This can relieve a lot of stress as you adjust to having your own practice.

  1. Reduce the time you'll need to spend getting new patients through the door

While you will need to exhaust time and exertion on marketing, you can instead focus more energy on becoming more acquainted with your new patients and fostering a relationship with them rather than continually considering how to bring the new patients to the office; if you opt to buy an established business.

The Bottom Line

Remember, your decision to buy an established dental practice narrows down to your financial circumstances and the time you have on your hands. Either way, with a bit of assistance from a dental broker, you can make a decision wisely.

If you currently reside in Wyoming, Idaho, Alaska, Hawaii, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, or New Mexico and desire to buy an established dental practice for sale, contact CTC Associates to schedule a consultation today.


Posted on Jul 12, 2021
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