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Dental Practice Transition Services

Our primary goal is to structure transactions that create win/win relations. Once an optimal course of action has been charted, we can help you reach some of your personal/family and professional business milestones en route. For instance, if structuring your dental practice for a "deferred pre-sale" is necessary in achieving one of your milestones, we can help by appraising the practice, locating buyer candidates, structuring the terms, providing financing, preparing the necessary documents and otherwise facilitating the entire transition.

Overview of Services

  • Practice Transition Consulting
  • Practice Valuations
  • Associate Arrangements
  • Buy-in and Buy-out Arrangements
  • Practice Acquisition Financing Assistance
  • Practice Start-up Consulting
  • Empowered Leadership Training
  • Strategic Coaching
  • Marketing & Promotion Consulting

Pre-Transition – What We Do:

Appraisals - We determine a credible, fair-market value for the practice.
Negotiation – We act as a third-party mediator to help both parties reach an agreement.
Facilitation – We attend to the details requisite to successfully complete a transaction of this magnitude, provide direction, and answer questions.
Candidate Matching – We incorporate personal & professional tools to determine compatibility of the parties.
Documents – We provide documents to complete the transition that are drafted well and fair to both parties.

Transitioning a dental practice takes time, effort, and understanding especially during the beginning stages . CTC Associates has the skill and understanding to simplify this process for you. Specializing in dental transitions you may find during any pre-transition process the following benefits:

  • Saves time researching for content, drafting agreements, establishing an asking price, haggling over issues and/or looking for right buyer/associate.
  • Saves money by determining a valid price, dramatically reduces money spent on legal costs, and money spent on advertising the practice for sale.
  • Avoids contention, stress, conflict, uncertainty, "posturing", mistrust, and emotional tensions.
  • Lends credibility to the process.
  • Lightens your workload.
  • Ensures that critical issues are addressed.
  • Provides for and protects your needs.
  • Establishes a purchase price that properly compensates the seller, yet provides a viable investment for the buyer.
  • Allows you to focus on patient care and/or retirement/relocation plans.
  • Fosters a good relationship between the parties.
  • Increases the likelihood of a successful transition.

Post-Transition: What We Do.

Post-transition Follow-Up – We address issues relating to the transition and continue to answer questions well after the sale is complete.
Staff Involvement – We meet with the staff both before and after the sale to provide direction, offer advice, address concerns, and answer questions.
Practice Management – We offer direction and information for the proper management of the practice.

Once a dental practice has been transitioned, what comes next? CTC Associates does not leave you hanging once the dental practice is sold. You may find a number of benefits from our services we offer post-transition:

  • Increases and maintains the value and marketability of the practice after the sale.
  • Maintains practice efficiency, productivity and profitability after the sale.
  • Track the results of the sale.
  • Avoids conflict.
  • Provides for and protects your needs.
  • Ensures a smooth transition.
  • Increases patient retention.
  • Maintains practice efficiency and productivity.
  • Increases the likelihood of a successful transition.