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Dental Transition

You will face many decisions during your career as a dentist. Some of these decisions include whether to hire on a dental associate position, whether to take on a dental partner, or when to sell or buy a dental practice. Luckily, we here at CTC Associates can help guide you through these decisions in ever stage of your career. We’re here to help you understand and choose the right dental office transition options for you and your practice.

Our Dental Brokers Can Help You Through Each Stage Of Your Career

Below are just a few ways our skilled dental practice brokers can assist you throughout your entire career as a dentist:

  • Beginning Your Career – When you’re just starting out, you have a few choices. Do you want to purchase an existing practice, buy into a group practice or start your own practice from the ground up? Here at CTC Associates, we can help you decide which choice is best for you based on your school loans, specialties, and personal career goals.
  • Mid-Career Options – You may begin to consider whether it’s time to bring on a dental partner or associate, or think about opening a second location. Speaking with a dental broker can help you create a plan to protect your interests as your dental practice grows and expands.
  • Retirement – It can be difficult and emotion to place your dental business for sale. We understand how overwhelming this decision can be, and can assist you in formulating an exit strategy and identifying the best time to place your dental office for sale. We want to help you meet your retirement goals!

Whether you’re considering buying or selling a practice, or joining a partnership, CTC Associates are here to help you every step of the way. If you’d like to begin investigating your many dental transition options, please contact our office today.