"To Whom It May Concern:
Thank you for the opportunity to share some thoughts about my experience working with Randon Jensen and CTC Associates. Randon recently helped me through the process of buying out my partner in our dental practice. Randon’s expertise and experience were invaluable in making the transition as smooth as possible.

Randon provided us with a thorough and complete valuation of the practice and its assets which helped my partner and I to come to terms on a deal. Randon’s experience and knowledge was impressive. He always had the answer to questions as they arose. He provided different scenarios for us to consider and had a grasp of the tax consequences of each alternative.

The documents and settlement statements were professional and complete. I feel like we left no stone unturned in the process. Both my partner and I are grateful for Randon’s consulting services and for the way that he helped our transition be as smooth as it was.

I would whole-heartedly recommend Randon to anyone who is in the process of buying or selling a practice. I get the feeling that he has seen it all and has the experience to answer any questions that may arise. Thank you," -  James W. Stephenson, DDS
"I take great pleasure in recommending Randon Jensen and CTC Associates to any dentist who is seeking practice transition, practice management, associate arrangements, or practice consolidation. Randon was the only person I considered when it came time to sell my practice. This is because he was highly recommended by many colleagues I respected, who had used his services in the past. I can’t imagine trusting the many details of a practice transition to anyone else.

Randon went the extra mile on many occasions in the 15 months I worked with him. He was also a tremendous help to the purchaser of my practice, in terms of arranging financing, help with a new office lease, staff transition, etc.

The most important qualities to look for in a practice consultant are character, trustworthiness, honesty, experience, service and connections to other qualified professionals, such as attorneys, bankers, etc. Randon has an abundance of all these qualities and requirements. He was always available any time I needed him. I really valued the guidance he freely offered throughout the entire time I worked with him. He also provided very professional background documentation and literature to enlighten me about all the details I needed to consider in the process of preparing my practice for sale.

I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to work with Randon. His wisdom and experience were invaluable. I also consider his fees extremely reasonable, especially after I look back on all the details and work required to accomplish a successful transition. There were no unpleasant surprises and no hidden agendas.

In short, you couldn’t be in better hands. He is simply the best there is. I would be happy to visit with any professional considering his services." - Sincerely, Dr. Jim Guinn
"I have used the advice and services of Randon Jensen and CTC since April 2010 in arranging my practice transition. First, to form a partnership, and more recently to move complete ownership of the practice I started 43 years ago. I have the highest regard for Randon and his honesty and integrity. His knowledge and skill has made all the difference in helping me "Chart a True Course" through what could have been troubled waters. I give him my highest recommendation and would surely encourage you to trust him with your practice transition." - Roger L. Farley DDS
"I am writing this letter of recommendation in behalf of Randon Jensen and CTC Associates as he has represented me on a number of projects over the years, including the recent sale of my dental practice. In 2006 I heard a presentation by Randon at my local dental society meeting. Randon covered a number of topics, all of which impressed me. I approached him after the meeting and asked that he teach me more about his services. I found Randon to be experienced, knowledgeable, and an excellent communicator. Additionally, he was very patient as I explored different opportunities over the years, of which he counseled and helped me with. For this reason I immediately sought Randon’s representation and services when I recently determined to sell my practice. Once again, his experience, knowledge, and abilities helped my practice attract a number of interested doctors. The sale and transition process was smooth. I continued my normal work schedule and routine as Randon managed all of the details and kept the process right on track for our closing date. The entire process was simple and fair for everyone. For any of your transition needs—whether you are seeking an associate opportunity (he has helped me with this), purchasing a practice, merging practices (he has helped me with this), or selling your practice (he helped me with this)—there is no one better and no one I would recommend other than Randon Jensen and CTC Associates." - David Chamberlain, DDS
"I've been on both ends of buying/selling a practice several times and have used the services of 4 different people. Randon Jensen was easily the most professional, knowledgeable and helpful of all. He was responsive to all of my needs and left no stones unturned. He also stayed in touch to follow up during and after the transition. I'm certain I would not have done as well if anyone else had handled my transaction. I would recommend Randon without hesitation to anyone looking to buy or sell a practice. " - Bill Osofsky, DDS
"Randon and Larry, I wish to thank you both for the tremendous help you provided in the sale and transition of my dental practice. You have both done an excellend job in helping me navigate through the myriad of details and challenges that come with selling a dental practice. You are highly professional and provided excellent insight and guidance.I would not have survived it without your wonderful and patient tutelage. " - Roger E. Grua, DDS
"I am writing this letter as a professional recommendation for Larry Chatterley and CTC Associates. I have personally done business with almost every local dental practice broker in Metro Denver. If you are considering selling your practice, buying a practice or any other professional arrangement, then Larry Chatterley and CTC Associates should be your professional practice broker of choice. His extensive banking and financial experience, as well as his numerous successful practice sales and transitions, serve to provide you with the most knowledgeable, experienced and qualified practice broker in town. Larry and CTC are dedicated to your success and strive to always make it win-win. Larry Chatterley will be my first choice when I'm ready for my next transition. " - Roger V. Anderson, DDS
"Larry Chatterley was instrumental in engendering a smooth partnership. I felt fully confident in his experience, skill and honesty. Throughout the negotiations, I truly felt that Larry had both parties' best interests at heart, which enabled a win-win situation for my practice partner and me. Also, Larry is well-respected and well-known professionally by my attorney and my CPA, which further increased my confidence in him. I would recommend Larry Chatterley and CTC Associates to ensure a successful dental practice transition. " - Janie L. Boyson, DDS
"CTC Associates represented the seller in a practice I recently purchased. Larry Chatterley is the most ethical broker I have encountered, which gave me peace of mind. Though he did not represent me in the purchase of the practice, he wants me to be successful and has maintained a relationship with me to ensure my success. I feel confident that I purchased the right practice at the right price through the right broker, Larry Chatterley and CTC Associates. I highly recommend their services to all my colleagues and hope they will still be around when I sell in the future. " - Jeanice Jones, DDS
"As a client of CTC Associates, I would recommend their services to anyone. They are very professional while still giving the personal service that you appreciate as a client. They become your friend and make it a win win for all involved. I am thankful I found Larry to help me through the decision. " - Steve Moore, DDS
"Randon has been wonderful to work with. His breadth of experience in this field of business has been comforting. Because of that experience I have felt confident that I was being represented one hundred percent. If you are looking for any sort of transition in your practice, I would start with CTC Associates. Randon and his associate, Larry Chatterley, will do it right. They will guide the process and do everything possible to see that it is all handled with the highest ethics and expectations. I have tried this with three other companies over the years. I could have saved a lot of angst, stress, and ultimately a lot of money if I had known about and used CTC from the beginning. " - Ken Patterson, DDS
"Larry, you have been such a big part of my career in so many different capacities. You have helped me five different times as our practice consultant; as I purchased new practices, changed and added partners, counseled me on various challenges throughout the years. As I look back on all these services you have provided, I recognize you are a big part of my success, and you have exceeded expectations whenever I have called upon you. " - Larry Call, DDS
"If you are considering transitioning your practice, you need to call CTC Associates! I had been toying with the idea of selling my practice for a few years. When I finally decided to take the plunge, a friend of mine recommended Randon because he had such a great experience. I depended on Randon every step of the way and was never once disappointed! He was available to answer every question (of which there were many) and took care of every detail professionally and promptly. By using CTC Associates, I was able to sell my practice with much less stress, received a higher price than I had anticipated, and paid much lower fees than had I used their competitor. Transitioning a practice will always carry a certain amount of stress and anxiety, but Randon actually made it pleasant! " - David W. Hinkson, DDS, MS
"If you are considering a sale of your practice, or just bringing on an associate, you need expertise to guide you through the process. Call Larry or Randon with CTC Associates. I am glad I did. I could not have handled my practice sale without them. " - Eric Mack, DDS
"I was very pleased with the services of CTC Associates." - George Pollard, DDS
"I really value the expert advice and professionalism that CTC Associates brought to the transition process." - Aaron Rasmussen, DDS, Farmington, NM
"I'm very happy to recommend CTC Associates to anyone looking to buy or sell a practice. They anticipated any potential questions and problems that I had in the sale of my practice, and worked out all of the arrangements with the buyer. The transition was seamless, and both parties felt well represented. They did a great job. " - Joseph P. Blanch DDS, Logan, UT
"I highly recommend their expert services to anyone considering a transition. They were professional, extremely thorough and very accurate in their analysis and recommendations. My business partner and I continue to work well together largely because Randon helped us to recognize and avoid the many potential pitfalls of a practice transition. " - Kyle E. Farley, DDS, Orem, UT
"Their service from start to finish was exemplary and on a professional, knowledgeable, yet friendly level that exceeded my expectation more than any other dental brokerage agencies I have dealt with in the past. I was made to feel unique, never feeling that I was just one of many clients that they and their office deals with on a regular basis. " - Deepali Verma, DDS, Colorado Springs, CO
"I really appreciated CTC Associates' expertise and the friendship I built with Larry through the process." - Alan H. Gerbholz, DDS, Castle Rock, CO
"When it came time to sell my dental practice, I had no idea how to approach the project. Your group has been invaluable in guiding me through the process. Without your help, I wouldn't have been able to do it . - Kalman J. Kroack, DDS, Montrose, CO
"Yesterday was the closing of the sale of my dental practice. One might expect such a day, after over 30 years of being the owner-doctor, to be loaded with emotion and tension. Lots of questions have been considered in the process of getting this done. Some of them I have come up with, but it has sure been helpful to have someone on the team who has been through this before. Some questions are pretty basic but to Randon every question I had was important and he treated it as such.

Randon has been wonderful to work with. He has been the ultimate professional all the way. He has been available for advice the whole time. His breadth of experience in this field of business has been comforting. Because of that experience I, have felt confident that I was being represented one hundred percent. I sold the practice to a friend, however, so I have been very concerned through the whole process that what we were doing has been a winner for both of us. He has certainly filled that expectation even better than I had hoped for.

I cannot recommend Randon enough. If you are looking for any sort of transition in your practice, I would start with CTC associates. Randon and his associate, Larry Chatterley, will do it right. They will guide the process and do everything possible to see that it is all handled with the highest ethics and expectations. I have tried this with three other companies over the years. I could have saved a lot of angst, stress, and ultimately a lot of money if I had known about and used CTC from the beginning. If you would like to discuss this in person, please contact me at toofdr@hotmail.com.
I am one grateful client, - Ken Patterson. DDS
"I am glad to have the opportunity to give my impressions of the marketing and sale of my practice by Larry Chatterley of CTC Associates. It was a painless and well-planned transition. Larry has developed a plan for the sale of a dental practice that eliminates the frustration of a dentist trying to recognize all the complexity of the marketing, interviewing and ultimately selling the pride and joy you spent years nurturing. With Larry's help you will feel involved but not overwhelmed. He has a calm and patient approach to the whole process. - Stanley A. Ladd, D.D.S.
"Mr Chatterley of CTC Associates was incredible in how quickly he found a buyer, taking most of the stress off of me with coming in to do appraisal, helping out with all the paperwork, and putting out little fires that came up along the way. " - Dr. Lynn Farley
"Don't list your practice with CTC if you are just "testing the waters." My practice was sold before it was even listed publicly. Be ready to sell and move out. I was, I did, and it is fantastic! " - Michael M. Gorsky, D.D.S.
"Talk about a tough sale. Durango, Colorado, a small mountain town loaded with dentists. Add to the challenge a limited restorative practice with only 600 active patients. Larry told me it would not be easy and might take over a year to find the right buyer. He knew what he was talking about! He evaluated my practice honestly and thoroughly and advised me along the way. Larry found a superb buyer and we went from "letter of intent" to "completed sale" in about 4 months. Larry was very accessible, even at odd hours when I needed feedback or information.

I was purchasing a practice in Oregon which did not involve a broker. In stark contrast to working with Larry in Durango, my Oregon purchase was a pain in the a–! Most likely, the seller spent a hefty sum anyway on attorney, bookkeeper and accountant fees, while negotiating our contract. Even though Larry was not involved with my Oregon purchase, he kindly offered generous advice and resources to help me.

I have known Larry for nearly a decade. I've seen him handle some difficult situations in practice sales, and he has done so with integrity, honesty and care. If you are considering a broker (and you should!) I highly recommend him. " - Matt Falkenstein DDS, Bend, OR
"It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of endorsement for CTC Associates, and particularly for Randon J. Jensen, the broker who facilitated my dental office transition.
I practiced for 27 years and when I started entertaining the possibility of retiring, I contacted Randon for advice on how to transition my practice. He gave me advice but more importantly, as I look back, he came to know my practice philosophy and temperament, which are two major factors in finding the right person to purchase a practice. Transitions are much easier when buyer and seller think somewhat alike.
Even after the closing of the transition I have asked Randon's advice; he graciously tutors me and intervenes if requested. This transition has been easier than I would have ever imagined. In fact, I might have retired earlier if I had known that it would be such a smooth transition. Life is good! - Pamela K. Hilbert, D.D.S.
"Our practice had been on the market for 18 months with another broker. We were frustrated and discouraged about the prospects of selling it. When we began working with Randon Jensen at CTC Associates we were impressed with his ability to ease our minds. His level-headed approach of going over all of our options gave us a better idea of what we were really looking at.

A buyer was shortly located. Randon handled every detail. The new Dr. seemed to be a perfect match, we never imagined that it would turn out so well. We are confident that Randon could manage any situation that may arise in selling a practice. His confidence and experience are invaluable. - Bret and Penney Tobler
"We would like to take the opportunity to thank Larry Chatterley for his dedication, professionalism and arduous nature. Selling a practice requires much more than simply listing production numbers and a price tag, and Larry helped us with every aspect of our sale. Larry spent a lot of time making sure that every detail was handled. We did not have to worry about "loose ends." What an A+ operation. We would highly recommend Larry to anybody who has a dental practice they'd like to sell. " - Brian & Rochelle Ley
"CTC Associates proved to be an invaluable asset in my practice transition. They were knowledgeable in various types of practice structures and helped me find a situation best suited to my needs. They have been readily accessible to answer any questions and concerns not only during the transition process but even now a year and a half later. I appreciated their efforts to make it a fair and equitable transaction for both parties involved. The knowledge and experience that CTC Associates brings to the table made for a smooth and low-stress transaction. I feel very confident with the service I received and would wholeheartedly recommend their services to a fellow colleague. " - Dr. Dan Jensen
"Thank you so much for the excellent way you facilitated the sale of my practice. You were able to sell it much faster than I expected. The price was fair and what I anticipated. The entire process was extremely smooth. I enjoyed working with you. I will highly recommend you to anyone who is considering a transition of their practice. " - Richard H. Mentzer, D.D.S., Denver, Colorado
"Larry was absolutely indispensable in the recent purchase of our practice. He had been working with us for about 3 months to try to identify the best fit for our clinical and management style. Although he was contracted by the seller, I felt he represented both of us fairly. At one point he suggested we start a practice from scratch. Later he found a particular practice that would be perfect for us. His extensive and detailed analysis of this practice allowed us to immediately identify it as one that had enormous future potential. His tact and diplomacy allowed both sides to come to terms in a minimum amount of time and with maximum benefit for both parties. In our first three months, we have averaged of 65 percent increase negotiation period and we truly believe that we are in the best possible situation because of his dedication and commitment. He continued to be available to answer all questions in a timely fashion. When I sell my practice, or should I choose to purchase an additional practice, I would go to no one other than Larry. Please feel free to ask Larry for my number if I can be of any assistance to you when considering him as your transition consultant… " - Frederick G. Guerra Jr., D.M.D., Carter Springs, CO
"Having both bought and sold practices over the past several years, I am familiar with the complex process involved. From the practice appraisal and choosing the right buyer/associate to assembling the closing documents and addressing tax issues, I would have been lost without professional guidance. But more importantly, I needed to know that I could trust the person I was seeking guidance from.
Fortunately, I found Mr. Larry Chatterley of CTC Associates. In addition to his vast knowledge and experience with practice sales, I appreciated his level of integrity and sense of fairness to both parties involved. He was easily accessible and very responsive to me, my questions and my needs. I have been so impressed with him, the quality of his service and the outcomes of my practice transition, that I felt compelled to write and share my experience with you. " - John C. Bauman, D.M.D., Brighton, CO
"I have used CTC to sell a practice and buy a practice. They are honest, hard working, and they got the job done. I am in the process of putting together another deal and Larry will be involved with this process. " - Dr. Curtis Slack, Breckenridge and Leadville, CO
"I would like to recommend Larry Chatterley's services to those in need of a practice broker. I have done several deals through Larry. First, a partnership buy-in. Second, a patient base acquisition from a local retiring doctor. Third, a practice move. Fourth, a new practice purchase. Every time Larry has been attentive and made difficult financial situations happen positively. Every time, the deal was a win-win for me and the other dentist. Larry has enormous resources and contacts throughout Colorado that allow any dental business need to be met. " - Frederic Thrash D.M.D., Colorado Springs, CO
"I have known Larry for over 10 years. He is a man that has won my respect and I think highly of his opinion. Many individuals might say that his abilities and skills as a broker are his greatest assets. He has sold my dental practice and created a win-win situation for both the purchasing party and myself. He fulfilled my expectations and then went the extra mile. " - Ralph M. Downey, D.D.S.
"We were impressed by Larry's thorough, honest and professional services. I would highly recommend Larry and CTC Associates to any of my colleagues considering a practice purchase, sale or associateship. " - Tim Bourdon, D.D.S., Pueblo, Colorado
"I would like to thank you for your excellent advice and help with the practice transition between Dad and I. We could not have had a more smooth transition thanks to your work. If you ever need a reference or would like for me to speak with one of your clients, please do not hesitate to call. " - Joseph K. Will D.D.S. M.S., Lakewood, Colorado
"Larry Chatterley did a superb job of transitioning my 31-year practice to Andrew Fiscus. His mutual representation without attorneys and accountants plus his wise staff counseling were key elements of our success. His thorough set of transition documents covered all of the legal and accounting considerations we could imagine. The entire process is wrapped into his program. I highly recommend CTC Associates. " - David J. Welker, D.D.S., Boulder, Colorado
"I have been most happy with your service. From finding a prospective buyer to closing with all the innumerable transition issues in between, I have found your help and experience invaluable and would recommend to prospective purchasers and sellers alike to enlist your service.
Selling or buying a dental practice is not a do-it-yourself job. I probably wasted 1 to 1-1/2 years and endless weekends and evenings in the process.
You may gladly use my name as a referral." - Gail F. Person, D.D.S., P.C., Durango, Colorado
"I cannot express how unbelievably well Randon handled every single aspect of our goals, concerns and details of this successful endeavor. Without Randon, the end result we are both happy with would likely not have happened.

Looking back, I would consider myself totally unwise if I had tried to do all that was necessary without the expertise of Randon from the very beginning. " - Dennis B. Iverson, D.D.S., M.S.D.
"I have just closed on the sale of my orthodontic practice. Crystal and Katie of KHOT (now CTC Associates) represented me in the transition and sale of my practice. They are terrific! Crystal and Katie are experts. They are professionals. They are thorough and courteous and a delight to work with. They will assist in all of the duties of a practice transition

You can't go wrong if you choose Crystal or Katie of KHOT to be your representative or broker as you transition from your dental practice.
" - Bob Crum, DDS, MS
"CTC was very helpful in finding a buyer for my practice. All of the steps from practice analysis, negotiating, through to the sale closing were handled well. I would certainly use them again if I needed their type of services. " - Dr. Michael Allen
"I was very pleased with the professional service I received from CTC in the sale and transition of my dental practice. The transition took place extremely smooth. When I decided to sell, I felt like I needed professional guidance to determine the worth of my practice. The fee from CTC for the appraisal was very nominal and I soon sensed that Randon Jensen had the experience and the integrity to be fair with both me and my buyer. We both trusted him. " - Dr. William W. Bradford
"I found Randon to be exceptionally helpful in all phases of the sales transaction as well as the steps of transition to a new owner/dentist. Even though he was not my broker, I found myself turning to Randon numerous times for advice that I found quite helpful not only in the sale of this practice but also in the purchase of my new practice. He was honest and full of great ideas. I am happy to recommend Mr. Jensen and CTC Associates to anyone who would benefit from their services. " - Dr. Jack Jorgensen
"I was very apprehensive when my would-be partner said there is a practice broker involved and would help with negotiations, contracts and transition. I met and dealt with four or five of these brokers before and never felt that my best interests were being considered or that they even mattered. Larry and Randon single-handedly changed my negative view of brokers. They were honest. They were willing to go to bat for me as a buyer and were dedicated throughout the process to make sure a successful transition was made. A year after the transition I am still in contact with them and have referred friends and colleagues to CTC because I know they can be trusted. " - Marcus D. Wisner, D.M.D.
"Thank you for such a smooth transition! I think Dr. Chandler is doing fine and enjoying it. I know I am!" - Dr. Stephen A. Walker
"I am not being paid to endorse Larry. I would just like to see you transition your practice as easily and painlessly as I did. If you are considering some type of transition in the near future, I encourage you to give him a call at (720) 232-3044. " - Bruce Lambson, D.D.S.