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Our Mission: We provide tools and guidance that empower our clients to achieve worthwhile personal and professional goals through the process of transition.

CTC Associates specializes in facilitating the unique and complex transition needs of dentists and other oral health care specialists. Our expertise is centered in practice sales, associateships, partnerships, office sharing arrangements, and the like. Whether you are interested in bringing on an associate, relocating or retiring–or if you are just looking to take your practice to the next level–trust CTC to provide you with the tools, information and guidance to make it happen and make it happen successfully.

Experience: CTC Associates has facilitated the successful transition of over 1,500 dental and dental specialty practices during its 26-year history. A recent survey of past clients (both buyers and sellers) revealed that more than 97% were satisfied or very satisfied with the results of their transition. Consequently, all of those respondents indicated that they would recommend CTC Associates to a colleague who is contemplating a future transition of his/her practice.

Service: Your practice is likely the most valuable asset you now own or will own. Obviously when it comes to making a transition of your practice, regardless of the type, you need someone you can trust to provide you with honest, timely and professional guidance. We strive to provide you with everything you need to make your practice transition as easy and profitable as possible. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and knowledge to bring about a win-win transition, i.e., a transition that benefits both you and the other party.

We work closely with you, and any of your professional advisers, to ensure that your needs are well understood and that the proper strategies are implemented to meet those needs. We seek to mitigate your risk and tax liability while striving to provide you with the best financial return possible. We are driven by a desire to develop and maintain an open, trusting relationship with you, and help you develop the same kind of relationship with the other party. In short, we walk you through the transition process each step of the way.

It is this unmatched dedication to our clients that has earned us a favorable reputation and the recommendation of many dentists at every stage of their careers. To that end, we are prepared to help you meet the most demanding transition needs with solutions backed by expertise, experience and personalized service.

An overview of the services we offer and the benefits these services provide you can be found here: Services.

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