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Which Content Management System Is Right For Your Dental Website?

Content Management Systems Compared

A Content Management System is the code and platform that run approximately 90% of the worlds websites. Also, known as CMS, these platforms have become the most cost effective and marketing friendly strategies for dental professional websites and other business websites around the world.

There are many names in open source content management system world. Some of the most popular CMS’s include names like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, and Concrete5. Oftentimes, people will recommend one CMS over another simply because they use it. The most popular CMS to date is WordPress, hosting over 17 million websites worldwide. However, is WordPress the best CMS for your dental practice website because of its popularity? Which CMS is best?

Let’s look at each system and see if we can determine the best CMS solution for your dental website.

Content Management Systems & What You Should Know

  • Wordpress – Wordpress was originally designed as a blogging platform. Blogging is an important part of marketing your dental practice, but it’s definitely not the only thing your dental website needs. To convert this platform into a workable, patient-friendly website Wordpress requires several good plugins. Plugins are additional “code” packages that are installed to work with the CMS and provide additional features. For example, WordPress does not have any search engine optimization (SEO) framework. A plugin is required to include this basic website marketing tactic. WordPress has a reputation for being heavily reliant upon plugins. Plugins can be difficult to install and require frequent updates for security and functionality. Another element to consider with WordPress is its popularity. Due to the vast number of websites that operate on WordPress, WordPress has become the main target of spam, hacking and viruses. Why has WordPress become so popular? A main-stream Google representative on the topic of SEO created his own blogging platform with WordPress. Since then this individual has endorsed WordPress. This same effect occurs when a celebrity endorses a product or service. If you decide WordPress is your choice, consider an anti-virus software program. You may find such an anti-virus services by contacting Pro Dental Designs.
  • Joomla – Unfortunately, Joomla has the same plugin issues as Wordpress. However, Joomla was developed with “websites in mind and is more than just a blogging platform. One of the largest issues Joomla has experienced over the years is frequent hacking problems. Although you may not maintain any substantial information on your website, hacking can become more of an issue than simply a breach of information. Having a website that is hacked will negatively affect all online marketing that is done. Google and other search engines will even ban and un-list your website if your website becomes hacked for spamming and phishing reasons. Joomla is more difficult to use than Wordpress and can cause frustration for those without experience in using this CMS.
  • Drupal – Drupal can be used to build all sorts of different kinds of websites. This CMS is very versatile and good for large, complicated websites. However, Drupal is incredibly difficult to use. Many beginners can easily become confused when trying to use this platform.
  • Concrete5 – Concrete5 was developed in 2008 as a mainstream website CMS. This CMS took a different approach on the editing platform and has included an in-line editing interface. Like Drupal, Concrete5 can be used to create beautiful, complicated, and versatile websites. The best part is editing is super easy for beginners because of the editing interface. Additionally, Concrete5 has all the framework for security, menus, SEO, and other tools to maximize the effectiveness of the website.

Choosing which CMS is right for your dental website is like purchasing a car. The car you choose is dependent on your needs. If gas mileage is important perhaps an Eco-friendly vehicle will be your choice. If 4wheel dive is necessary for your vehicle perhaps a truck or SUV is the top choice. Either way no vehicle is better than another. It comes down to what you are trying to accomplish.

The best thing you can do for your dental practice is to do research before choosing any content management system for your website.

For help or questions about dental websites, please contact CTC Associates and we will help point you in the right direction. We are America’s number one dental practice broker. We have transitioned, trained, and helped thousands pf dental professionals nationwide. Our primary focus areas are in Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Idaho.

Posted on Dec 25, 2016
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