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5 Tips for Selecting an Associate

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Where some joint-venture businesses work very well, others might not. So, if you are thinking about adding an associate to your practice, having a dental practice broker by your side will help you make the right and mutually beneficial decision for both parties.

Here are five tips for selecting an associate

  1. Evaluate Your Finances and Patient Flow Capacity

There may come a time when you want to bring an associate dentist into the practice. For this, you will need to evaluate if the business is financially strong enough to support two dentists. A dental consultant will help you determine if now is the right time by reading the finances and evaluating the patient flow (source income).

  1. Define Your Motivations and Expectations in Advance

Before hiring, it’s advised to communicate with the other party to discuss your plans and expectations. In addition, it is important that you find an associate with similar motivations, values, and compatible personalities.

  1. Evaluate Your Own Work Ethics

In order to be successful, your work ethics, leadership style, and practice philosophy should match with the prospective associate. Therefore, define your work ethics to the new dental practice associate and ask them if they are willing to work accordingly with you and help grow the practice.

  1. Make a Fair Arrangement for Both Parties

Both parties need to be fairly treated to succeed in your dental business. Therefore, when selecting a dental practice associate, discuss everything with the opposite party and finalize on terms that work for you both.

  1. Seek Professional Help to Establish a Proper Structure

To prevent your business from any future financial outbursts or management issues, it’s essential to create a proper hierarchy of the dental practice. Work with a dental consultant to finalize the structure of your workplace. 

Hire a Dental Practice Associate Today!

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Posted on Apr 12, 2022
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