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How Can an Experienced Dental Practice Broker Bring Value to the Transition of Your Practice?

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We often evaluate the value someone can bring when considering the costs of hiring a professional. For example, a lady calls a reputable plumber to fix a severe problem with her plumbing. She has hired other plumbers previously, but her problem persists. A new plumber arrives, fixes the problem in 10 minutes, and hands her a bill for $215.00 - $65 for the house call and $150 to correct the problem.

A bit surprised by the amount given how quickly the problem was fixed, she asked for clarification. The plumber explains that he could have done what the previous plumbers did by spending hours treating the symptom but not fixing the underlying problem. Instead, he called upon his knowledge and expertise, gained over years of experience, to effectively and efficiently solve the problem, thereby saving her the constant headache of future house calls and thousands of dollars. Therein lies the value of his services.

The Value of a Dental Practice Transition Broker

The right practice broker can bring value to the transition process by guiding you through a maze of issues and avoiding costly mistakes.

The right practice broker will have the knowledge, skills, expertise, and services to meet your objectives. The right practice broker brings value by being someone both the seller and buyer can trust, someone who is knowledgeable, competent, fair, and objective.

A mutual trust in a dental broker allows the respective parties to proceed with confidence toward a common objective, knowing both of their interests are being properly addressed. Such a person is in tune with the needs and expectations of both parties and will see how the demands of one party may impact the needs of the other.

The right practice broker acts as an intermediary, facilitator, and negotiator to minimize conflict, resolve concerns, and reach a " win-win " solution for both sides. That is the value more than 2,500 clients have received over the past 34 years from CTC Associates.

Trusting CTC Associates since 1987

CTC Associates and their partners have paved the way for dental practice valuation, brokerage, and more. We have the clear understanding and expertise to help you avoid the pitfalls dental transitions can experience. So, if you are looking to sell your dental practice, buy a dental practice, or simply learn more about dental practice transitions, call the experts at CTC Associates today.

Posted on Dec 12, 2022
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