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Dental Industry Trends & DSO Buyers

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Dental Industry trends globally over the past decade have changed drastically. A significant reason for this is the DSOs (Dental Services Organizations). These organizations are now responsible for the change because they have had the same effect on the dental industry that supermarket chains had on mom-and-pop convenient corner shops.

In essence, they have made private practice redundant as more and more DSOs now operate, and if you are thinking, why? Then don’t worry, as we have mentioned below, why there are so many DSOs.

Reasons Dentists Choose DSOs

Private dentistry is a hard grind that is unforgiving. You need to market, service, and do more on your own. In contrast, at a DSO, all of this is done for a dentist. They show up, operate on the patient, and leave, maintaining a better work-life balance.

People also prefer to be DSO Buyers than seek a private practice dentist because of the similar reasons mentioned above. However, if you are still not satisfied with why there are so many DSOs, we believe the following are the reasons.

  1. They Pay Better

Pay is one of the major attractions of a job. When someplace pays better, you are naturally attracted to it.

  1. Job Security

In private dentistry, you have to hustle a lot on your own. In contrast, working for a DSO, all of this is done by a corporation providing you with better job security than anywhere else.

  1. Quicker to Pay off Your Education Debts

If you work for a DSO, you are guaranteed to pay off your educational debt much quicker than in private practice. This makes them more attractive compared to any other option.

Reasons There Are More DSO Buyers

The following are why there are more DSO Buyers than private practice seekers.

  • They are cheaper
  • Can work according to your schedule
  • A lot more convenient and reliable

Final Word

Convenience for patients and dentists has made DSO (Dental Services Organizations) more popular than private practice. They have perfectly bridged the gap that has helped both parties receive the best deal and circumstances for themselves.

Hence the current dental industry trends showcase that DSO buyers in the current age are higher than ever before. Are you one of them? Do you believe they are helpful, or do you not? Let us know in the comments section.

Posted on May 23, 2022
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