De-Stress Your Dental Practice

de-stress dental practice

No matter how great your staff is or how awesome you are at time management, you’re going to have stressful days! It’s just an unpleasant fact of life. However, most dentists can’t afford to have a bad day. You need to be on top of your game for every single patient in order to be as successful and profitable as possible. This thought alone can add to your stress, so we’ve put together a list of ways to reduce your stress and be productive. By working these tips into your daily routine, and encouraging your staff to do the same, you’ll have a much more easy-going practice and your patients will feel it!

Tips to De-Stress Your Dental Practice

  • Start each day with positivity
    Your brain can’t be thinking two things at once. So, when you start feeling the irritation and negativity creep its way in, go right to a positive thought. This can either be a motto or a mantra that makes you feel better, or it can be as simple as thinking about all the things you love about your job.
  • Keep your office clean
    A clean and organized work-space can help calm your mind. If things are everywhere and you have to search for documents and items, this can add extra frustration. Set aside 10 minutes each day to tidy up your office, this can go a long way to tidying up your mood as well!
  • Focus on the task at hand
    When your workload becomes too overwhelming, it can be difficult to even know where you should start. The first thing to do is write everything down on paper and then break the tasks down by priority and size. A good rule is to do the toughest jobs first and work your way towards the easier ones. Getting the big jobs off your plate can brighten your whole day!
  • Take care of yourself
    Get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and eat healthy. It seems simple, but taking good care of yourself will lower your stress level significantly and get your endorphins flowing! If you feel good, it will rub off on your staff and your patients, making for much more pleasant days!

It’s difficult to avoid feeling any stress at all, as dentistry can sometimes be a stressful profession. Here at CTC Associates, we want to help take as much of the load off as we can so that you have time to focus on doing what you love. Give us a call today and see how we can help!

Posted on Mar 28, 2016
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