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Buying a Dental Practice with Student Debt

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Having a student loan prevents you from getting a business loan to buy a dental practice.


Students graduating from dental school often land an associate job. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), the 2018 class graduated with an average student debt of $285,184. Does this mean you shouldn’t consider starting your own dental practice?

No. We understand that you are worried about getting into more debt, but acting now, when you have accumulated all the necessary skills to run a dental practice, will help you not only attract patients with your expertise but also build equity. As an associate, you will never be able to do this.

So, if you want to outpace your associate salary, it’s time to get your start-up dental practice.

The good news is that you can easily get a business loan if you have been making timely payments on your current debt.

Evaluate Your Financial Health

Before making any decisions, thoroughly assess your financial health. Consider your outstanding student loan balance, interest rates, and monthly payments. Simultaneously, evaluate your credit score and overall debt-to-income ratio. Understanding these financial metrics will clarify your ability to take on additional debt for a practice acquisition.

Mitigating Student Debt

While student debt can be daunting, there are strategies to manage and mitigate its impact. Look into income-driven repayment plans, refinancing options, and loan forgiveness programs. You can also negotiate a lower payment without any changes in the interest rate for being a model payer.

You can then use the difference to pay your dental practice loan slowly and keep up with the student loan debts. Remember to evaluate which debt is bigger and will cost you more in interest based on its terms.

In conclusion, buying a dental practice with student debt is a sound financial decision if you trust your skills. Seek advice from a dental practice broker who can guide you through the process and ensure a smooth career transition.

CTC Associates are practice transition consultants that help people buy or sell a dental practice. They also provide a complete service for professionals planning to establish their start-ups. Click here for a list of their services. For more information, call 303-795-8800.


Posted on Dec 13, 2023
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