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When do I know if I’m ready to bring on an associate?

There reaches a point in the life cycle of most practices where the doctor is as busy as they want to be, or as busy as they can be.

We call these “S.E.T. points” – Solo Economic Threshold. 

It’s the point where you are working as much as you want to, or you really physically can’t work more without adding days or growing extra arms to do more dentistry.

Usually when you start to feel like “this is more than I can handle,” that’s a good indication to start exploring two options – change up your insurance participation, or add an associate.

For more on changing your insurance participation, listen to our previous conversation with Bill Rossi. In this episode, practice transition specialists, Randon Jenson & Marie Chatterley, identify the healthy indicators for a practice to bring on an associate answering key questions such as:

  • How far in advance are you booked?
  • What’s your active patient count?
  • How many new patients are you adding a month?

Listen To the Podcast

Long in the Tooth is hosted by Randon Jenson & Marie Chatterley of CTC Associates. It was founded by Bob Brooks, CBI, CEPA of Practice Endeavors.