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What work back arrangements have you experienced?

Do you join a DSO or sell to a private buyer? That is the question. And when it comes to practice transition options, one of the big considerations are work back arrangements. 

The differences in working arrangements between offers from DSOs compared to independent buyers in many cases can be extreme and staggering. If a DSO is asking you to pay for an associate’s wage out of your own wages, we hope this makes you pause and think like Dr. Lori did, “Something doesn’t smell right here.”

Dr. Lori Kemmet joins us once again from Boulder, CO for Part 2 to honestly share what these arrangements can look like. Both the good and the ugly. 

As a dentist, the more educated you can become on the types of offers, your transition options, and the consequences for certain agreements, you’ll save yourself from regrets later and earn what you deserve for all your efforts over the years.

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Long in the Tooth is hosted by Randon Jenson & Marie Chatterley of CTC Associates. It was founded by Bob Brooks, CBI, CEPA of Practice Endeavors.