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Practice transition issues related to dental insurance

We’ll often hear from doctors, “I’m at a crossroads. I’m so busy that I need to do something. Should I add an associate or drop an insurance provider?” 

If you’re approaching a critical transition juncture like this – whether it be selling your practice in 1-5 years, bringing on an associate or partner, a buy-in / buyout partnership, or merger – there are issues you should consider related to dental insurance to ensure your transition is successful and profitable.

There are many variables to consider. In our 3rd and final episode with Bill Rossi, we break down the different transition scenarios to help guide you to success.

Bill is the country’s leading expert on PPO deci­sions and transitions. PPO decisions must be made in the context of the practice’s realities. Bill has over 35 years of experience in advising dental practices. For the past 20 years, he has helped many dentists strategically and safely cut back on their PPO participation. This has added substantially to their bottom lines and their practice independence.

Questions answered on this episode:

  • If someone is looking to sell their practice in the next 1-5 years, does it make sense to consider dropping insurance?
  • If someone is thinking of adding an associate or partner, is there an advantageous time to consider a change of insurance participation?
  • What challenges are buyers facing when purchasing a practice that is contracted with insurance plans?
  • What should buyers be aware of when purchasing a fee-for-service practice?

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Long in the Tooth is hosted by Randon Jenson & Marie Chatterley of CTC Associates. It was founded by Bob Brooks, CBI, CEPA of Practice Endeavors.