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How do offers differ from a DSO to an independent buyer?

There’s a big assumption today that if you sell to a DSO you’re going to get a higher price point. While on the surface this appears true, it is in the contingencies like workback agreements where it becomes not so cut and dry.

I was getting pushed into a corner and I didn’t like where this was going.” - Dr. Lori Kemmet

As a dentist, the more educated you can become on the types of offers, your transition options, and the consequences for certain agreements, you’ll save yourself from regrets later and earn what you deserve for all your efforts over the years.

Dr. Lori Kemmet is a dentist in Boulder, CO who owns a private practice called Incredible Smiles. She has experienced offers from both sides and joins us this episode to shed some light on what the process can be like negotiating terms with a DSO vs an independent buyer. 

  • DSOs only wanted to use my 2019 numbers, not the last three years; they knew 2019 would be a lower year in production because we were closed for 6 weeks due to COVID-19.
  • The DSO offer was OK but seemed low; after checking with a broker it was confirmed that it was low. 
  • The DSO was hoping that I would not talk with a broker; they even suggested that we could avoid the broker fees.

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